Ego Reader

Simple & Elegantly Crafted RSS Reader

Available on iOS, iPad and Android

Main Features

Unique card style VS Classic list style

Ego Reader provides two different feed display modes. You can choose according to your preferences, whether it is the card style designed by Ego's ingenuity or the classic list style that will never be outdated.

Posts with cover + Mixed unread list

Ego Reader will extract the cover image of the post as much as possible to provide you with a pleasing list of posts. At the same time, Ego also provides a list of mixed unread posts, so you can catch all unread posts in one go.

Dark/Light Mode

Ego Reader intimately provides a dark mode, allowing you to enjoy comfortable reading no matter whether it is day or night.

Organized: Manage by Categories

Ego Reader allows you to manage your feeds by categories just like managing folders, and you can view feeds and unread posts by categories at any time.

A variety of colorful themes

Ego Reader provides a total of 10 dark/light themes, allowing you to make your Ego unique according to your preferences.

Cross-platform + Cloud backup

The membership mechanism of Ego Reader is cross-platform, so you only need to purchase a membership once to use it on multiple devices. At the same time, even though Ego is a local reader, we still provide you with a feed cloud backup function, allowing you to synchronize feeds across devices at any time.


It opens the door to a new world.

As a heavy RSS user, when I first met Ego Reader, it was like a friend threw me a beautiful magazine while I am holding a black-and-white newspaper, my whole world instantly became colorful.



Ego Reader deep user

It's my ideal RSS reader!

It’s just so good-looking, I can’t refuse a beautifully designed app, and this card style has won my heart. It’s just what RSS should be in my ideals.



Commented in the chat group @Jun 20, 2020

Clean and modern.

Great app!!, loved the UI its clean and modern.For days I have been searching for a perfect rss reader and as soon as I saw this app it got my attention, I bought the premium version. Hope the developer keep up his work and I am sure it will become one of the best rss reader.👍

@Pri****aj N***an

@Pri****aj N***an

Commented on Google Play @Oct 16, 2020